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Since 2019, we have been helping you immerse to the industry lead-experience to achieve your career goals in the future through real projects.


Our company offers two different programs tailored for each need. Al residency program is a remote, mentor-led program for professionals in which you’ll be working on projects in Machine Learning and Data Science. Ignite program offers internship opportunities to students who want to gain experience in human resources , ux, growth marketing and software engineering.



Solving the world’s experience gap together and unlock your potential

We believe that transforming your knowledge into practice will lead you to the career you desire. Apziva offers project-based experience under the guidance of industry expert mentors.Those wanting to gain industry experience in data science and machine learning  will be thus benefited by their expertise.We also help our partner companies to recruit talented candidates by assessing Apzivans profile through hands-on projects among other factors. We provide the global perspective and the international mindset for you to be more equipped for the fierce environment of technology.With our all-remote culture , Apzivans consists of talented individuals from an international community. This diversity helps our partners by providing the global workforce they need.



Apziva offers a pioneering system to the e-learning /technology world which we believe will shape its future. We are aware that the need is not to start from the beginning but to put more to what is already existing.We value the education and the background you have. Instead of you having to start from scratch, Apziva provides you a continuity in your career journey. By immersing you to real time projects, we want you to understand how your skills fit to the needs of the changing, tech-saturated world and to expand your impact.Trust us and the experience you already have. Our experience will just unlock what you already have.


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Investing in people’s potential.

We value people’s talents and want everyone to unlock their true potential by providing the best experience possible.

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Supporting the technology ecosystem

With the power of international users and mentors , Apzivans are global citizens who can work anywhere and everywhere.

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Building collaboration

We believe in the power of working together and empowering others to succeed.

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Putting theory into practice

We allow you to gain real life experience by immersing you to real problems and challenging projects

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Being affordable and accessible

We want to be accessible to everyone with the packages we have created with different pricing options.

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