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Our Success is Measured by Yours

We’re constantly inspired and motivated by our residents' accomplishments.

See what they have to say about us.


Joining Apziva has been one of the best decisions of my life! The weekly connections with my mentor have been instrumental in my learning, skill development and most importantly maintaining the motivation to complete the projects. The program is well-structured and it gave me an opportunity to work on various AI problems which helped me stand out from the crowd. I am grateful to my mentor and Apziva for being immensely helpful and most importantly for believing in me when I didn't believe in my own abilities.

Anant Gupta

Data Scientist at Fractal


Apziva has played an important role in my confidence and abilities as a Data Analyst. The weekly sessions with my mentor and our hiring manager have been beneficial in my learning, skill, and professional development. There are interesting new projects and it has allowed me to work on various AI/ML problems. The mock interviews and resume reviews have been extremely helpful. Working with them has increased my confidence and lessened my self-doubt. I've received and continue to receive so much support from the Apziva staff and community. I don't know where I would be without them keeping motivated and driven!

Justine Picar

Data Analyst at Google


I love Apziva AI Residency Program. It's a great opportunity to have hands-on experience on real-world machine learning problems and applications. In addition, you will get to collaborate and partner with amazing deep learning researchers.

Abebual Demilew

Statistician at Pratt & Whitney


During the residency, you participate in all the phases of developing a product. You actively take a role in development and decision making, with the help of a mentor. Joining such a project in a professional company, it's an experience you would not get on your own easily.

Furkan Yılmaz

Software Engineer at Amazon


Bijil Subhash 

PhD Candidate at UNSW | Co-founder at switcH2

I have been an AI resident at Apziva since November 2021. During my time, I have been exposed to a range of industry-relevant machine learning problems, allowing me to build the confidence needed to apply the domain knowledge in a commercial setting. The 1:1 mentoring sessions have been really pivotal in understanding the role of a data scientist and machine learning engineer in the industry. I highly recommend Apziva's AI Residency program to anyone who is looking to bridge the gap between learning and industry.


Apziva has been my best card behind my success during my career change to Data Science. Apziva helped me to solve various AI problems in different industries, giving me the always required work experience by exceeding those real business challenges. If Apziva admits you, is because they really believe that you have the potential, and they will make shine your great side, at the same time that they will help you strengthen your opportunities for improvement.

Humberto Gonzalez Granda

Data Scientist 

jo vincent.png

At Apziva you are able to spread your wings and test your grit as you work on real world projects. They support autonomy in a collaborative setting while providing guidance to complete your project. This has given me wider perspective to the development process and has gotten me a step closer to my goals.

Jo Vincent Ruiz

 ML Engineer at Veros Credit


Hands down this is the best program to gain experience. Lots of learning, great mentorship and such a wonderful supportive team, a truly rewarding experience. I feel so confident when I discuss my work at Apziva with my network and potential employers.​​

Kavita Surasura

Data Scientist 


Unlike in an academic setting, the residency program allowed me to delve deep into real-world projects with the prime objective to derive business insights. It is simply amazing since it exposes you to the kind of work that one can only find in a professional environment. Apziva is a platform like no other.

Srisha Balaji

Data Scientist at Esusu


Ramesh Sharma

Data Scientist

To be honest Apziva's project based program is fantastic. So far the projects I have finished are very helpful and have allowed me to dive deep into problems which are real world machine learning problems and has enabled me to learn more about the problems in professional settings. I love talking to my mentor. He always gives me meaningful insights about how problems are solved at the industry level. I am learning to code like never before. I wish I had joined this amazing program a bit earlier.

Component 5.png

The AI Residency program at Apziva is great! It is the perfect opportunity for someone starting their AI - Data Science journey. You will spend most of your time in the program working on very interesting projects under the guidance of an expert and building your portfolio. But the projects are just one of the many things Apziva has to offer you. For example, you will have the opportunity to be a part of a community, attend social events to make connections, hear the stories of people in the industry and ask them anything you want to know, get help to polish your CV etc. Overall, I would highly recommend you joining Apziva.

Christos Christoforou

Apziva Al Resident

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Component 5.png

At Apziva, you'll learn how to organize a variety of AI challenges, from problem understanding to decision-making and recommendations. The motivation and continuous assistance I received and still receive from my mentor, as well as from the entire community, makes me very confident.
Working on real-world projects, is the best way to improve your working and thinking methods. This has broadened my perspective on the real-industry work and brought me one step closer to my dreams. In a nutshell, Apziva allows you to earn professional and knowledge-based expertise in one fell swoop.

Chaymae Baqqal

Data scientist at Caplogy


My experience with Apziva has been great - working on exciting projects, mentorship sessions and career support. Overall I feel that I have improved my skills and strategy. This has broadened my perspective towards data science and utilizing the techniques appropriately. Thanks to the Apziva team for their constant support.

Vidya Kumar

Data Analyst at ATB Financial

Component 5.png

I joined Apziva in April 2022. Between the projects, career support, and mentoring, it really helped me transition from post-data science boot camp to getting a data science job. I appreciate all the support I got.

Ron Sperber

Associate Data Scientist II at Travelport 

WIN_20220909_14_38_12_Pro (1) (1)_edited.png

When I got to Apziva was at a breakpoint personally and professionally, but they saw me as a human being and helped me overcome it. They helped me implement my knowledge to solve real problems in the industry. I highly recommend Apziva to any Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer who wants to make the change.

Angel Javier Carrillo Bermejo

Machine Learning Engineer at Modulate

Angel Javier Carrillo Bermejo .jpeg
Component 5.png

Apziva has helped me gain abilities that I didn't know I had. The AI Residency has empowered me to continue to work on different deep learning problems in the machine learning world. I am very grateful that I am part of the Apziva family. It's a decision I don't regret.

Kenneth Rodriguez

Apziva AI Resident

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