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Head of Artificial Intelligence at CanopyLAB

Get Coached by Career Professionals

Receive personalized career guidance and actionable strategies tailored to your unique goals and aspirations through our expert career coaching service

Unlock your full career potential with our dedicated team of expert career coaches, guiding you towards your dream job and helping you achieve professional success.

Demola Scott

Talent Acquisition Lead | Lead Technical Recruiter at Afrinvest West Africa

Dinisha Mehta

Talent Acquisition Coordinator 

at Amazon

Ravnoor Kaur

Global Talent Acquisition Specialist
Pradeep Krishnan

Principal Talent Partner


Career Services

Equipping residents with essential tools to navigate the competitive job market successfully

Resume Review Sessions

  • Resume Review Session: In a one-hour call, we meticulously highlight relevant skills and experiences to create a standout resume.

  • Technical Resume Review Session: A focused 30-minute call to ensure the technical aspects of the resume are polished and impressive.

LinkedIn & Github Optimization Sessions

  • LinkedIn Optimization: In a one-hour session, we guide residents in optimizing their LinkedIn profiles, showcasing their expertise and professional identity.

  • Github Optimization: A 30-minute session where residents receive feedback on their GitHub portfolios from hiring managers.

Job Search Strategy Sheet

After completing initial steps, residents receive a Job Search Strategy form to help us understand their preferences. This leads to a comprehensive 60-minute Job Search Strategy Call with a hiring manager.

Mock Interviews

  • Behavioral Mock Interview: A 30-minute session where residents receive feedback and preparation from HR professionals for upcoming interviews.

  • Machine Learning Mock Interview: A one-hour practice session tailored for residents seeking positions in machine learning.

  • Coding Mock Interview: Residents are presented with coding problems or algorithmic challenges, simulating real job interview scenarios (1 hour).

  • Project Walkthrough Mock Interview: A one-hour simulation focusing on discussing and presenting past projects or work experiences.

Salary Negotiation Session


30-minute practice session to guide residents in the salary negotiation process during job offer acceptance.

The Placement Sessions


30-minute biweekly Placement Sessions provide a platform to discuss job search progress, interviews, and assessments with a hiring manager.

At Apziva, we are committed to providing not just a learning experience but a holistic journey towards professional success. Our career services aim to empower you with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in your chosen field. Let us partner with you in unlocking your full potential and shaping a rewarding career.

Become a coach

 Join our global teams of career coaches and help talented professionals from 60+ countries to land their dream jobs.

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