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How It Works

Straightforward, proven, guaranteed.


employment rate

Percentage of our alumni who have found employment within 6 months of completing our Residency program.


average salary increase


average review

For all alumni who found employment during or after completing our Residency program.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) for all of our active residents and alumni who participated in the survey. 



Trusted by professionals from all around the world.

The Admissions Process


Apply: Tell us why you’re the best candidate for this opportunity


Take the skills review survey: Take a 20-minute Machine Learning and Python assessment


Initial Interview: Interview with our Director of AI to talk about your goals and skills


Join the Program: Gain hands-on industry experience and work with an industry expert mentor on a weekly basis to get you ready for your first Machine Learning job


Strengthen your Resume and Portfolio


Practice Mock Interviews


Join a community for life

Have questions? Book a call with an advisor

Do you have questions about how Apziva can help you gain verifiable practical industry experience? Schedule an intro call to learn more about our Residency program, ask questions, and get insight into life at Apziva.

Work on real projects

1. Work on real projects

Start working on your first project and build up your portfolio.


2. Work with industry expert mentors

Collaborate with industry expert mentors. Receive feedback on your work. Keep your learning on track.

Learn by doing

3. Gain hands-on industry experience

Put your knowledge into practice. No matter your experience level, start solving real problems and build up your portfolio.

Gain industry experience

4. Work with hiring managers

Focus directly on what hiring companies value the most. Work with hiring managers.


5. Land your dream job

Complete 5 industry projects. Pass interviews and get a letter of recommendation indicating the projects you've worked on and experience you've gained at Apziva. Get hired faster.

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