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Who Are We?

We partner with industry leading companies, institutions, and community partners.

Who Are We

Apziva is dedicated to bridging the experience gap on a global scale and unlocking the potential of individuals.

Our primary focus lies in assisting talented professionals in their pursuit of hands-on industry experience, specifically within the domains of Machine Learning and Data Science. Through our comprehensive and esteemed Apziva AI Residency Program, participants are granted the opportunity to engage in remote, self-paced learning, all while working on real-world projects in collaboration with our industry-leading partners. We are committed to empowering aspiring professionals and facilitating their career growth. 

Why should you hire from Apziva

Cost-effectiveness: Hiring from Apziva may be a cost-effective way to fill specialized tech positions. Instead of investing resources in extensive hiring processes and training, you can leverage our expertise and experience to meet your technical requirements within your budget constraints.

Recruitment support: Partnering with Apziva provides you with a valuable network of tech professionals. We can assist you in finding the right candidates for your specific needs, saving you time and effort in the recruitment process. 


Expertise: Apziva have a team of highly skilled and experienced tech professionals who are experts in machine learning and data science. 

Innovation: Apziva is known for its innovative approach to tech, which could bring new perspectives and ideas to your team.

Are you looking to access the best tech talent?

Our alumni have extensive experience on

1- Probability And Statistics
2- Natural Language Processing
3- Computer Vision
4- Speech and Signal Processing
5- Time Series
6- Recommendation Systems
7- Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning
8- Supervised Learning & Unsupervised Learning

Hire Now

Hire directly from our global talent pool.


Hire with Project

Hire professionals based on their work with a real project and review only the ones who submit their work. 


per project

Host Projects

Get your business problems hosted on Apziva platform and receive sample solutions from professionals.


per project  

You are in good company

We partner with industry leading companies, institutions, and community partners

and many more

Yusuf Sarıgöz

Yusuf Sarıgöz

Co-Founder of AI Labs

"Innovating in the field of AI/ML is possible only by bringing the best talents together, and we AI Labs partner with Apziva to accomplish that. I believe Apziva immensely changed the whole process of hiring talented professionals."

Türker Ziya Erçin

Türker Ziya Erçin

Analytics Manager at HangiKredi

"Partnering with Apziva on our analytics and machine learning projects significantly boosted our progress and helped us hit our goals."

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