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This website including all of its features and contents (hereinafter also "Website") is a
platform service made available by Apziva or its affiliates (hereinafter also "Provider") and all
contents and information provided on or through this Website (hereinafter also "Content")
shall be used solely under the following terms and conditions (hereinafter also "Terms of

Use of platform services is subject to the terms and conditions of your platform services
agreement with Provider.

§ 1 Terms of Use
1.1. These Terms set out the basis upon which Apziva makes this website available to you by

1.2. Please read those Terms carefully.

1.3. By using this website you will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms.

1.4. If you do not agree to comply with this Terms PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE.

1.5. We may change these Terms from time to time so please review these Terms regularly.

1.6. This website is operated by Apziva Teknoloji ve Danısmanlık Limited Sirketi (Apziva). Our
address is Sehitlik Mahallesi Ugur Mumcu Caddesi No:23/5 Polatlı, Ankara / Turkey. Our VAT
number is 0710810416.

1.7. If you have any questions please email at “”.

§ 2 Scope of Services

Platform service provider offers many different services on the subject to provide a platform
that offers individuals to gain real work experience, industry experts to mentor professionals

who seek gaining professional experience, companies to hire candidates and/or develop
projects and products through its dedicated programs and platforms.

Apziva currently provides you with access to a rich specific online programs and offers which
is actively updated and is available through Apziva’s corporate website found at

§ 3 Registration

3.1. Each registration is for a single individual only.
3.2. You must obtain and pay for all telecommunications services, computer equipment and
software necessary to connect to and use this website.

3.3. Apziva does not provide such services, equipment or software and you will need to
obtain these from other suppliers.

3.4. Apziva do not have any control over or responsibility for such suppliers.
3.5. Apziva provides most of this web site on an open access basis but you may need to
register and/or pay to use some particular areas.

3.6. In some cases Apziva may restrict access by age and/or location of the user.
3.7. You agree to provide accurate and complete registration information. It is your
responsibility to inform Apziva of any changes to that information.

3.8. You must inform us as soon as you can if it needs updating. It may be necessary for us to
refuse some registration applications. (i.e. to prevent fraudulent usage)

3.9. Please read our Privacy, Cookie and Data Protection Policy carefully which applies to the
registration information Apziva collects.

3.10. Apziva may issue you with a username, password and/or other access control for this
website or certain parts of it (together, referred to as passwords).

3.11. These are for your personal use only.
3.12. You must not tell them to anyone else or allow anyone else to use them.
3.13. You must not use anyone else’s passwords.
3.14. You must tell us if you think your passwords are no longer confidential.
3.15. If you do, or if Apziva believes it to be necessary, Apziva may issue you with
replacement passwords.

3.16. Maintaining the security and integrity of the website is necessary to enable all Apziva’s
users to use it safely and effectively.

3.17. You agree not to abuse the access/registration process. You should pay attention to
that and also prevent unauthorized use listed below.

3.18. Apziva does not permit no other than you to use the platform services by using your
name or password or access through a single name being made available to multiple users
on a network or otherwise.

3.19. If you notice an unauthorized use, you must notify Apziva immediately via email at

§ 4 Access To Services

4.1. The term “Authorized User” refers to Eligible Persons who have been identified by
Apziva for both use of regular and specific platform services, which is actively updated and is
available through Apziva’s corporate website found at

4.2. Participants of programs available from Apziva, candidates that apply to specific job
positions, interns, employees, and partnering company users, who are eligible to access and
use the regular platform services.

4.3. Specific platform services can be used only by such eligible persons and partnering
company users to whom Apziva assigns it as eligible users such Apziva’s employees and
temporary employees, interns, mentors, individual professionals, partners and contractors
dedicated to performing work exclusively for Apziva.

4.4. As a specific platform user you will manage also your roster of Authorized Users and will
promptly notify Apziva to deactivate an Authorized User's Apziva account if the Authorized
User is no longer an Eligible Person or you otherwise wish to terminate the Authorized
User's access to the specific Platform Services.

4.5. You are responsible for all use of the Specific Platform Services accessed with an Apziva
account issued to your Authorized Users, including associated charges, whether by
Authorized Users or others.

4.6. You will use reasonable commercial efforts to prevent unauthorized use of Apziva
accounts assigned to your Authorized Users and will promptly notify Apziva, in writing, if you
suspect that an Apziva account is lost, stolen, compromised, or misused.

4.7. Use of the Platform Services via mechanical, programmatic, robotic, scripted or any
other automated means such as scraping is strictly prohibited.

4.8. The Platform Services may be enhanced, added to, withdrawn, or otherwise changed by
Apziva without any notice.

4.9. Applicable charges for the Specific Platform Services are actively updated and are
available through Apziva’s corporate website found at

4.10. The Platform’s usage and care will be under the exclusive control of all Authorized

4.11. You will not access or otherwise review the content of Platform without your

4.12. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Apziva may access or disclose the content of Platform
to the extent necessary to facilitate features and functions of the Platform Services and to
comply with contractual and legal obligations including, but not limited to, an administrative
or judicial proceeding.

4.13. You represent and warrant that Apziva has the right and authority to upload any and
all content to the Platform that is not provided by you.

4.14. As Authorized Users you are prohibited from uploading content to the Platform that is
defamatory, libelous, pornographic or obscene, unless such content is reasonably related to
professional responsibilities.

4.15. In addition, as Authorized Users you are strictly prohibited from uploading content to
the Platform which is not related to professional responsibilities and/or illegal.

4.16. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Apziva harmless for any and all claims,
damages, costs, fines and expenses that Apziva may incur as a result of your and/or your
Authorized Users' use of the Platform Services or any content uploaded to the Platform.

4.17. Authorized Users are solely responsible for securing or saving the content of Platform
before the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

4.18. Apziva has no obligation to provide the content of Platform to you after the
termination of this Agreement.

§ 5 Restriction on Use

5.1. The Content on this Web Site and Apziva’s platform service is for your personal use only
and not for commercial exploitation.

5.2. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Apziva and its affiliates hereby grant to you a
non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to access and use this Web Site,
Platform and Content in accordance with these Terms of Use. Apziva may terminate this
limited license at any time for any reason.

5.3. You do not acquire any intellectual property ownership in the Platform Service or any
associated software, systems, documentation, content, other materials and/or
improvements made thereto. All such rights and interests remain in Apziva and its licensors.

5.4. Platform Services and all website contents are protected by copyright, intellectual
property laws, industrial property laws and other related laws that prevent unauthorized
access and use.

5.5. If you nevertheless access and use the Platform Services without authorization, your
access and use will be governed by these Terms of Use and you will be liable to Apziva for
any breach of the Terms of Use as well as for unauthorized access.

5.6. You are prohibited from downloading, e-mailing, faxing, storing, reproducing,
transmitting, displaying, copying, distributing, or using materials, documents, and know-how
retrieved from the Platform Services. You may not exploit the goodwill of Apziva, including
its trademarks, service marks or logos or any designs or algorithms without the express
written consent of Apziva.

5.7. Under no circumstances you may offer any part of the Platform Services for commercial
resale or commercial redistribution in any medium or use the Platform Services to compete
with the business of Apziva.

5.8. All right, title, and interest (including all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual
property rights) in Platform Services in any medium belongs to Apziva. You do not acquire
any proprietary interest in the Platform Services, Materials, or copies thereof, except the
limited rights granted herein.

5.9. You do not use the Platform Services in any fashion that infringes the intellectual
property rights, privacy rights or proprietary interests of Apziva, its affiliates or any third
party. Your use of the Platform Services must comply with all applicable laws, rules and

5.10. You must not, nor try to, make mass, automated or systematic extractions of the
website content or use it to create or include it within another paper or electronic database,
or try to re-sell it or re-distribute it. Apziva reserves the right to prohibit or restrict the way in
which other websites link to or frame or represent any of the website content.

5.11. It is strictly prohibited decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, rent, lease, loan, sell,
sublicense, or create derivative works from this Website or Platform or the Content; and
reducing the code used in any software on this Website into a readable form in order to
examine the construction of such software; and use any network monitoring or discovery
software to determine the site architecture or extract information about usage, individual
identities or users.

5.12. You do not use any robot, spider, other automatic software or device, or manual
process to monitor or copy our Web Site, Content and Platform.

5.13. You do not use, poste, sell, transmit, distribute, modify or transfer the Platform for
public or commercial purposes.

5.14. You do not use this Website to transmit any false, misleading, fraudulent or illegal

§ 6 Warranty

6.1. Apziva represents and warrants that it has the right and authority to make the Platform
Services available to you and your Authorized Users as authorized expressly by this


6.3. Apziva does not warrant that the website, content and/or Platform will be error-free,
free of viruses or other harmful components, or that defects will be corrected or that it will
always be accessible.

6.4. Apziva does not warrant or represent that the all content and platform available on or
through this website will be correct, accurate, timely, or otherwise reliable.

6.5. Apziva may make improvements and/or changes to its features, functionality or website
content and/or Platform at any time.

6.6. Your all access and use of the Platform Service must be made via a secure network and
secure authentication methods.

6.7. You are strictly limited for any remote access to Apziva’s Authorized Users through the
use of secure methods of user verification.

6.8. You will promptly notify Apziva if you believe security has been compromised.
6.9. Posting or sharing of passwords, or otherwise enabling access for the benefit of non-
subscribing institutions or users, is strictly prohibited.

§ 7 Liability

7.1. “Covered Party” means;
7.1.1. Apziva and any officer, director, employee, subcontractor, agent, successor, or assign
of Apziva; and

7.1.2. Each third party supplier of Materials, Contents and Platforms, third party alliance
entities, their affiliates, and any officer, director, employee, subcontractor, agent, successor,
or assign of any third party supplier of Materials, Contents and Platforms or third party
alliance entity or any of their affiliates.

7.2. A Covered Party (as defined above) shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability,
or damage of any kind resulting in any way from,

7.2.1. any errors in or omissions from the Online Services or any Materials, Contents and
Platforms available or not included therein,

7.2.2. the unavailability or interruption of the Online Service or any features thereof or any
Materials, Contents and Platforms,

7.2.3. your or an Authorized User's use of the Online Services or Materials, Contents and

7.2.4. the loss or corruption of any data or equipment in connection with the Online

7.2.5. the content, accuracy, or completeness of Materials, Contents and Platforms, all
regardless of whether you received assistance in the use of the Online Service from a
Covered Party,

7.2.6. any delay or failure in performance beyond the reasonable control of a Covered Party,

7.2.7. any content retrieved from the Internet even if retrieved or linked to from within the
Online Services.


7.4. Please note that the website will not be available at all times. It will be inaccessible
during regular maintenance or be unavailable for other technical reasons. Like all software-
based services the website cannot be promised to be free from errors or bugs. Apziva will,
however, use reasonable care and skill in fixing any problems once aware of them. Although
Apziva takes reasonable care with the website content Apziva cannot check every item or
promise that typos or other errors will never appear on the website. Unlike traditional
physical media, the website is a dynamic environment with regular changes and therefore
inaccuracies may occur from time to time. Please double – check any specific instruction
with us or a third party if you are in doubt.

7.5. Apziva cannot control and are not responsible for the user provided/generated content
that appears on the website. You should apply particular caution when using that content.

7.6. This website may contain third party advertising and links to external websites. External
websites may link to this website. We choose our commercial partners with reasonable care
but we do not necessarily recommend, endorse or sponsor, and cannot control and are not

responsible for any third party content that may be accessed. Please use common sense and
caution when using such third – party websites and content. You should read their own
terms of use and privacy policies.

7.7. Apziva will not be responsible for loss of or damage to your computer hardware or
software or other personal property of any other losses which you suffer as a result of the

§ 8 Fees and Payments

8.1. The website content is provided for free and is for your informational purposes only.
8.2. Users agree to pay the fees for specific platform services defined on Apziva’s corporate
website found at

8.3. Fees are based in part on Apziva’s corporate website found at
8.4. Users agree to accept General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

§ 9 Termination

Termination upon Request/Notice
9.1. You or Apziva may terminate this Agreement at any time. The effective date of
termination shall be 2 (TWO) days after the receipt of written notice of termination, unless a
later date is specified in the notice.

9.2. If you wish to terminate your registration for any part of this website at any time please
contact Apziva at “”.

9.3. Apziva may terminate the provision of this website to you at any time via giving you a
written prior notice via your registered e-mail.

Termination for Breach
9.4. Apziva may temporarily suspend or discontinue providing access to the Online Services
to any or all Authorized Users in breach of this Agreement without notice and Apziva may
pursue any other legal remedies available to it.

9.5. Apziva may suspend/terminate delivery of the Platform Service if it reasonably
determines that an Authorized User’s failure to comply with this Agreement may cause
irreparable harm to it or its licensors.

9.6. If users breaches a material term of this Agreement Apziva may immediately terminate
this Agreement in whole and/or as to the affected Service.

9.7. If this Agreement is terminated in whole or in part for users breach,
9.7.1. Apziva shall disable access to any terminated Service,
9.7.2. Users shall destroy any files, information, data or software derived from any
terminated Service in its possession or control, and certify destruction upon request, and

9.7.3. Apziva reserves the right to pursue all available legal remedies.
9.8. In case Apziva has reasonable grounds to believe that you breach a material term of this
Agreement Apziva may suspend and/or terminate your Access.

9.9. In case of termination for breach of users written notice procedure shall not be

§ 10 Proprietary Rights

10.1. Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, nothing contained herein shall be
construed as conferring on you or any third party any license or right, by implication,
estoppel or otherwise, under any law (whether common law or statutory law), rule or
regulation including, without limitation those related to copyright or other intellectual
property rights.

10.2. You agree that the Content, Platforms and Web Site are protected by copyrights,
trademarks, service marks, patents, know – how, industrial property rights or other
proprietary rights and laws.

10.3. This Web site contains platforms which includes, without limitation, know-how,
software, graphics, materials, patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, trade secrets,
links, data, all kind of information, text, photos, all type of code, algorithms , designs, logos,
contents, brand names, domains, domain names protected by intellectual property and
industrial property law.

10.4. You acknowledge and agree that Apziva grants to you a non-exclusive, non-
transferable, revocable, limited license to access and use this Web Site, Platform and
Content in accordance with these Terms of Use. Apziva may terminate this limited license at
any time for any reason.

10.5. You acknowledge and agree that you grant all rights of patents, utility models and
know-how to Apziva while you are developed or find working on the platform services.

§ 11 Notice

Notices to the Provider regarding any subject mentioned in this agreement should be
directed to the Apizva via email at “”

§ 12 Severability of Provisions

If any provision of these Terms is, for any reason, held to be unenforceable, illegal or invalid
in some other way, the unenforceable, illegal or invalid provision will not affect the
remainder of these Terms and they will continue in full force and effect.


§ 13 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Turkey
regardless of the law that might otherwise apply under applicable principles of conflicts of

§ 14 Modifications of Terms of Use

14.1. Apziva reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time.
14.2. Updated versions of the provisions of these Terms of Use will appear on this web site
and become effective immediately as soon as published.

14.3. Continuing use of this Web Site after any such changes constitutes your consent to
such changes.

14.4. The responsibility in terms of regularly reviewing/checking the Terms of Use belongs to

§ 15 Third Party Rights

15.1. Some of the mentioned provisions are for the benefit of Apziva and its officers,
directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers
to this Website.

15.2. Each of these individuals or entities shall have the right to assert and enforce those
provisions directly against you on its own behalf.


§ 16 Remedies for Violations

Apziva reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of
these Terms of Use, including but not limited to the right to block access from a particular
internet address to this Website and any other Provider web sites and their features.

§ 17 Indemnification

17.1. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Apziva, its officers, directors, employees,
agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers to this Website,
Contents, Platforms and Platform services harmless from and against all claims, losses,
expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from any
violation of these Terms of Use by you or arising from or related to any postings, works etc.
uploaded or submitted by you.

17.2. You shall be liable and shall compensate Apziva for any loss or damage.

§ 18 Unlawful Activity

Apziva reserves the right to investigate complaints or reported violations of our Terms of
Use and to take any action we deem appropriate including but not limited to reporting any
suspected unlawful activity to law enforcement officials, regulators, or other third parties
and disclosing any information necessary or appropriate to such persons or entities relating
to user profiles, e-mail addresses, usage history, posted materials, IP addresses and traffic
information. Provider may discontinue any party’s participation in any of the Platforms at
any time for any reason or no reason.


§ 19 Privacy

19.1. Your use of this Web Site is subject to Apziva's Privacy, Cookie and Data Protection

19.2. Your use of all Platform Services is subject to Apziva’s Confidentiality Agreement. You
acknowledge and agree that you shall not use any Platform Services without accepting all
provisions of Apziva’s Confidentiality Agreement.

§ 20 Linking to the Web Site

20.1. You are strictly prohibited to provide links or share, distribute any content, code,
algorithm, design, or document related to Apziva or without written consent from Apziva.

20.2. The Platform or third parties may link to external resources or web sites. Due to Apziva
having no control over such external sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that
Apziva is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not
endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, or other materials on or
available from such sites or resources.

20.3. You acknowledge and agree that Apziva shall not be responsible or liable, directly or
indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with
use of or reliance on any such content, or services available on or through any such external
site or resource.

§ 21 Miscellaneous

21.1. You acknowledge and agree that your submitting works to this Platform does not
create any new or alter any existing relationship between you and Apziva.

21.2. Fees, payment terms and these terms & conditions may be changed and published
through Apziva’s corporate website found at

Effective date : September 9, 2020
Last Updated : September 9, 2020

Terms of Use 

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